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From the Alfred P. Pizootz archives, a postcard from Petra where Alfred is introduced to almonds by Lawrence of Arabia.

Dearest Gilda,

Greetings and well wishes to all at the homestead! - Stop - I stumbled upon the most decadent of desserts today - Stop - While out on the dig, chipping away at the sorbet antiquities of Petra, I gave leave for a refreshment under the steaming Mesopotamian sun - Stop - Just then, a young chap from the neighboring camp came by with a bushel of the oddest looking seeds I'd even laid spectacles on - shaped like a pummeled egg, or what the jolly American crew play with on their evenings off; "football" they are want to call it - Stop - It's a violent game if you ask me; don't worry darling, I'm not partaking after last summer's scrimmage snafu, golly! Any which, the young chap- goes by Lawrence- had quite the mind to let me know the true fruit was buried underneath the shell! We sat side by side for the better part of an hour cracking shells and excavating the bounty inside. "Almonds", he says- a new kind of nut of sorts! Simply remarkable, my sweet! I had half the mind to ask him where he got them. Well he stood at once, traipsing across the dirt towards a field beyond the ruins. A whiles off stood a small grove of elegant trees with nut casings hanging upon them: the almond tree! What treasures! Just then, Larry turned on his heels and disappeared amongst the trees as swiftly as he'd arrived. I'm eternally grateful to that odd fellow.- Stop - I'm sending a fist's full of almonds and a sweet young sapling back to you on the next ship home! Enclosed is an instructional booklet- hand drawn by my new friend and confidant Larry, of Arabia - on the growth of the almond species, genus prunus. Please, my dear Gilda, plant these saplings in our rich California soil. - Stop - With some luck, we'll grow ourselves the first genuine, made in America Almond. Perhaps, by summer’s end, we can even share our crop with the local market, golly, wouldn't that be the day! - Stop -

Tidings & salutations,

Dr. Alfred P. Pizootz, Esq. & Archeologist. Et al.

Petra, Jordan


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