Dr. Alfred P. Pizootz

Our Story

PIZOOTZ peanuts were invented by Dr. Alfred P. Pizootz, boy genius, rocket science wonder, and peanut pioneer! But how?! How could one boy do so much, you ask? Let me take you back, way back to ancient times, called the late 1970's. something happened then that is, most likely, the greatest legend EVER told.

Perhaps you have heard of how Pizootz dictated his first computer code at 6 months? Or about the time he published a series of Russian Novels at the age of 4? Or the time he captained a transatlantic commercial airliner from Milan to Bora Bora on his 7th birthday? This is none of those stories! They were all merely chalk-talk to his most magnificent achievement of all: the invention of the INFUSED PEANUT.

But how?!

How did he get all that flavor INSIDE that little nut, you ask? Alfred's peanuts are planted in the spring, and ready to be plucked in the fall. After shaking off their Virginia soil, they are laid out to dry for a whole week! deshelled! and bathed! Then our naked nuts make their way to Alfred's laboratory, where he begins to dress them up in one of our 10 infused flavors:



They are boiled in a marinade of the finest natural ingredients.



They are slowly infused for over 24 hours.



They're packed nice and cozy in our recyclable packaging to be brought straight to you, as...